DoReMi Prenatal Wellness - Who We Are

Who We Are

"Three things will endure - faith, hope and love - and the greatest of these is love." - 1 Cor 13:13.

Doremi is a charitable organization originally created to fulfill an unmet need in the area of Prenatal Wellness. In a fun, encouraging way, we intend to equip prenatal women and their partners with an education of how early experiences can play a powerful role in the development of their babies.

We believe in:

1. Sharing the Love of God

2. Equipping Others

3. Meeting Personal Goals

4. Healthy Relationships

5. Positive Community Living

Board Members


Carmen Hanson

Vice Chairperson and Founder

Carmen's curiosity about the effects of baby bonding stirred a passion to learn more and share the knowledge with others. Carmen's dream became a reality in 2005 when she founded Doremi Prenatal Wellness Outreach. Carmen became a doula when she discovered the need for one on one supportive prenatal, postnatal and birth coaching.


Tina Hein


An advocate for good health and healthy living. Her positive, friendly, cheer leading character gives her the natural ability to build the confidence of those around her.


Christina Sayers

Member at Large

Mother of 3 who has had lots of practice juggling work, kids activities, being a farmer’s wife, and staying active in her small town community. She has a witty sense of humor and a contagious smile that lights up a room.


Duane Hanson

Member at Large

Believes in parents building relationships with their kids by spending time together working, doing things they enjoy and taking the time to teach them. Main values are honesty and integrity.


Patti Philip


Currently works with Family Services and has previously spent most of her career as a school teacher in various Canadian northern communities where she shared her heart of gold in showing kindness and encouragement to so many children throughout her teaching career.


Jayne Hanson

Member at Large

Nursing student who shares with others her drive to meet any challenge with determination and enthusiasm. She refuses to allow doubt and unbelief to impact opportunities for growth in her life and does not resist change.