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Doula Services

Many young parents are without the direct support of close family and friends.  These future parents need extra encouragement before, during and after their birthing experiences for a variety of reasons.  A doula offers encouraging birth coaching that may be during the birth, prenatal and post natal.

The reasons for requiring a doula may be dependent on past birth experiences, current circumstances, fears , or a lack of confidence for any reason.  The overworked medical staff trying to keep up with the hectic pace often don't have the time to offer the support or encouragement needed during the labor and delivery to allow the birthing time to be more productive and less traumatic emotionally and physically. Doula services may also be requested to simply enhance the pregnancy and birth experience by having a friendly, caring, supportive cheerleader to share in your special time

This doula service covers prenatal, birthing and postnatal guidance. 

Doula Packages

$900 Basic Doula Services Package

  • 3 Prenatal Sessions
  • Birth
  • 2 Postnatal Visits
  • On call from 38 weeks or adjusted, depending on the situation
  • $125 Prenatal Wellness Package

  • Reinforce, Reliance, Reflection, Restoration, Relationship with Bonding Wellness Sessions
  • Refresh, Rest, Relaxation with spa sessions designed to treat you like royalty
  • (See Doremi Prenatal Wellness Outreach page for more info on session topics)
  • $1000 Total Readiness Package

  • Basic Package
  • Prenatal Wellness Package
  • (Save $25 when choosing the Total Readiness Package at time of hire)
  • A sliding scale may be applied for low income situations and for returning clients.

    Service Packages can also be designed to cater to your needs.

    Virtual options are available upon request.

    Additional charges may apply for long distance travel

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    Carmen Hanson

    Camen Hanson is a caring mother and active member of her community.

    She founded DoReMi Prenatal Wellness Outreach in 2005. Carmen is dedicated and enthusiastic about helping people and ensuring new mothers have the support they need.


    Every birth is sacred, beautiful, and life changing event. Thank you for helping me on this journey to becoming a mother to this child. It was as amazing as I had dreamed

    - Deb and Tyler

    Thank you for all the kindness, love and support you have shown us over the past year. The world is a better place with people like you in it...

    - Pam, Matt & Orion

    Carman was so helpful, thoughtful and caring through everything, she was a huge help with us for knowing what to expect while also anticipating that what to expect isn't always what happens. She never tells you that this is how what/when/where things should be done, but always gives you examples of everything she has experienced and the possible outcomes of each situation. Carmen has an open mind about everything, she is always open and available to listen or talk about anything and everything.
    Along with informing us about the aspects of being pregnant, birthing as well as being new parents. Carmen also makes the mother feel loved, cherished, and special while making sure the dad to be knows how important his roles in everything are.
    Having Carmen beside us through everything gave us more confidence as well as extra piece of mind plus a familiar focal point in a very hectic time. Her hard work and support were appreciated by us more than she will ever know, and we truely count ourselves grateful that she came into our lives in the form of our doula.

    - Shelby and Chris