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What We Do

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Our Goal

DoReMi Prenatal Wellness helps parents gain a better understanding of the bonding effects on the baby, and offer support during pregnancy in a positive encouraging way.

To help parents gain a better understanding of the bonding effects on the baby and offer support during pregnancy in a positive and encouraging way

"Three things will endure - faith, hope and love - and the greatest of these is love" 1 Cor 13:13

We believe that a loving connection between a mother and her new baby is vital to a lasting and healthy relationship. We provide guidance in forming a caring, loving home.

Our Strategy

Doremi facilitates prenatal wellness programs as a 10-session course. The course is of Biopsychosocial-spiritual nature focusing on bonding importance, issues that prevent bonding, and encouraging functional lifestyle choices needed to establish such a bond. Each class will consist of:

1. Beneficial Education addressing bonding and issues surrounding it, backed with scientific research and practical evidence.

2. Luxurious Pampering to celebrate the value in each person’s life and develop self-worth. The aim will be to decrease unwanted stress, promote each person’s individuality and purpose, and boost confidence. This will be significant to prepare them to make positive life decisions concerning themselves and the family they are raising.

3. Mentorship and Support to offer guidance, and encouragement throughout the course is vital to instill courage, strength, peace, and joy, thereby, promoting proper boundaries and engaging healthy lifestyles in the lives of these expectant mothers and their relationships and preparing them for delivering their baby and for the future. Negative past experiences, hurt and roots of bitterness that prevent optimal mother-baby bonding will be addressed both one-on-one, and in a group setting. Follow up support until the birth and home visits shortly afterward will be initiated to ensure a healthy mom, nurturing of the baby, and joy between the two of them, as well as a loving environment for them both to grow.

4. Uplifting Spirituality to instill thoughts of confidence, courage and strength, forgiveness, unconditional love, purpose for life, and to let these women know they are never alone in their struggles and are truly loved and cared for every step of the way.

5. Women from previous classes often Join Our Team by pairing up with new class members as Support Sisters. They help by writing encouraging notes, serving, helping in a kitchen and offering mentorship and support. Some may even go on to host the program in their own communities.


We offer group workshops for new mothers which cover:

  • The importance of forging a bond with the new baby

  • Confidence and self-worth

  • The practical aspects of handling a pregnancy

  • Comfort and birthing techniques to help prepare for labor

  • Caring for the newborn

  • Pampering the mother in a relaxing environment

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